Why Choose E-Z Trak™

E-Z Integration with Turnkey Approach

E-Z Trak™ is a user-friendly program with a short learning curve. It is built on a universal platform, that utilizes a cloud-based central system with guaranteed security and backup service. E-Z Trak supplies the complete hardware apparatus and software components. The software is installed by our experts and customized to your facility’s needs. Unlike more complex systems, E-Z Trak can be launched in less than a day. The simplicity of E-Z Trak removes the need for a devoted facility IT personnel. Ongoing technical support by the E-Z Trak team ensures smooth and efficient program operation.

Affordable from Single-User’s to Campus-Wide Programs

E-Z Trak is a cloud-based software service that is provided to customers on a monthly subscription basis. There is no costly upfront software to purchase or finance; no licensing fees; no software to install on computers; no burden to IT staff to maintain or trouble-shoot; no software to annually upgrade; no limitations to the number of user’s; no annual service charges; no scanners to purchase or upgrade. E-Z Trak provides the full use of ALL software modules and real-time backup for one easy monthly fee. If that’s not E-Z, nothing is.

RFID Speed with Barcode Reliability

E-Z Trak streamlines daily tasks by allowing frontline caregivers to scan only the cages that need attention. Daily welfare activities as well as changes to cage inventory may be made by scanning the selected cages and by-passing the full census, if desired. E-Z Trak allows users to pinpoint cage activities without tedious and extraneous scanning.

Direct Information Viewing

E-Z Trak allows users to target only pertinent information without scrolling through pages of facility. Customizable grids permit facility managers, veterinarians, and administrators to expand or contract all gathered data into spreadsheets that are specific to their needs. This format allows users to easily locate particular cages without sifting through hundreds of records.

Real-Time Notifications

E-Z Trak provides veterinarians and managers with timely notifications of animal and cage conditions. Eliminating information lag-time enables the facility staff to quickly target concerns and complete assigned tasks to correct problems.

One-Click Invoicing

Group invoicing allows the administrative staff to avoid billing headaches and saves days worth of invoice preparation. E-Z Trak classifies all costs to individual investigator’s protocols. With a single click, the administrator can send the selected billing periods to designated investigator with accurate costs in mere minutes. More reliable and verifiable invoicing data significantly reduces billing disputes and captures lost revenue.

Easily Record & Archive the Information

Using our lightweight handheld scanner, pertinent data is gathered, saved and uploaded to the E-Z Trak database. At the click of a button, key personnel can now view protocol management, animal colony direction, workflow planning, census, and animal welfare history with ease.

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