Control in the Palm of Your Hand… scanner

  • Implement & Operate with Ease
  • Ensure Accurate Reporting
  • Streamline Administrative Tasks
  • Accelerate Facility Communications

Manual data collection is labor intensive, prone to human error, and not nearly as fast and accurate as electronic methods.

Reliable, high quality, electronic animal management was out of reach for many facilities.

Designed from Real World Experience
Experienced animal facility managers and veterinarians helped design E-Z Trak™. E-Z Trak is an electronic animal management system that fully meets your facility’s needs at a budget-friendly price. From a single-user to a campus-wide system, E-Z Trak meets today’s needs while allowing for tomorrow’s growth.

E-Z Trak is a revolutionary barcode solution that offers essential features to facility managers and veterinary directors. After working closing with facility administrative and managerial staff prior to launch, our experts can install E-Z Trak and train your personnel in a day. Our goal is to significantly increase efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with your facility standards.

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