The E-Z Trak Advantage

Integrated Barcode System

5 Key Functions of Daily Activities in a Single Program

  • Welfare Management and Assessment
  • Facility Task Management
  • Census and Billing
  • Space Allocation and Planning
  • Real-Time Data Updates

Unique Advantages to Barcode System

  • Labor savings for routine colony management
  • Direct observation by front line caregivers
  • All pertinent elements incorporated into cage card
  • Cage cards easily printed, scanned, and archived
  • One keystroke produces hundreds of cage cards
  • Customizable for unique tasks and institution processes
  • Access control through user profiles
  • Portable – may be operated from PC, laptop, or tablet
  • Access – may be viewed anywhere with internet connected device
  • Hardware and software easily upgraded with minimal downtime
  • Compliant with USDA, FDA/GLP standards, and IACUC guidelines

Best Cost Alternative to RFID

  • No need for costly RFID cage card holders
  • No additional steps to mate barcode to cage card holder
  • No special facility upgrades or additional infrastructure needed
  • No requirements for IT staff to perform technical daily tasks
  • No costly interference from stray RFID conversion effects
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